Team bios

Team Bios

Our Executives

Steve Morris — CEO

Mr. Morris co-founded Bellatrix with Tom Ellsberg in 1986 and headed the initial sales efforts which resulted in successful market penetration and the strong growth of the company.  Steve has been primary to success in sales of product into both very large Fortune 500 hundred companies and smaller startup ventures.  Mr. Morris has been primary in more than one successful startup and continues to actively manage his music publishing in the US and Canada. Steve coordinates through our Southern California office.

Ray Lundy   –  COO/General Manger

Mr. Lundy has 30 years of management and development experience in the electronics industry. His product experience has included consumer electronics, commercial data acquisition, environmental monitoring, industrial security systems, home automation, child guidance, and the specific area of adapting electronic products to human use.  He has managed or been a principle in several high-tech startups, as well as working for Sharp and other large electronics manufacturers.  Before Bellatrix, he provided product to the US military, city governments, research labs, and consumers.  His primary expertise revolves around creative design, management of process, and Asian operations.

Charlie Vickery  –   Vice President of Manufacturing

Mr. Vickery joined Bellatrix in 1993 and provides a strong background in the manufacturing and assembly of electronic products. Sensitive to market timing and highly responsive to customer requests, Charlie has taken the Bellatrix Manufacturing process to a very high level of performance.  Charlie takes to heart and constantly stresses the connection between customer satisfaction, product support and product manufacturing.


Our Board

Steve Morris

Mr. Morris began and continues his career in the entertainment business managing music publishing companies, including his own Morris Music Inc. Strategically involved with the original founder of Bellatrix Systems, Tom Ellsberg, he provided the balance and sales/marketing expertise for the team to produce consecutive successful technology corporations in California and Oregon.

As a co-founder of Bellatrix Systems in 1986, Steve helped define the ROI proposition and process for assisting newspaper customers (The Company’s initial core business) to cost justify capitol budget expenditures’.  As VP of Sales and Marketing, he helped drive wide acceptance of microprocessor based Bellatrix products into the US and Canadian markets at a time when these devices were just emerging.  Currently presiding as CEO, Steve leads the Bellatrix Corporation based on his many years of experience interacting not only with the Bellatrix customer base, but also using his unique and valuable experience to guide the Bellatrix team with a clear understanding of how to create products that meet Bellatrix’s customer needs.

John W. (Bill) Hemingway

Mr. Hemingway is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and a recipient of an MBA from the University of Colorado.  After graduation, he went on to command organizations of up to 3,500 personnel during training and wartime operations.  After the Marine Corps he moved to Port Director for Washington State where he developed and managed industrial park activity. Following Washington State, he accepted a position as the Regional Economic Director for Central Oregon, attracting and facilitating new business and industrial activities for three counties.

Bill has worked as president, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for Bellatrix Systems.  He has been in the core operations team since 1986, having been primary in building the business, sales and marketing, and finance areas, not to mention actively contributing to the direction and designs for new products. Offering strengths based on years of military discipline mixed with smart technical capability and management expertise, Bill is uniquely qualified to lead the company’s efforts.  Currently “Semi-Retired” as Bill puts it, he remains an active and valuable asset to the Corporation.

Richard Candland (Rich)

Mr. Candland graduated with honors in Economics at Oregon State, and then continued his education at Pacific Coast Banking School.  Following his education, he began a 40 year career in the commercial banking industry, working for First National, First Interstate and Wells Fargo.  His focus has been primarily on lending and risk analysis.  Currently serving on the board of several corporations and running his own retail business, he brings a profound understanding of financial management to Bellatrix.

Rich has been deeply involved with Bellatrix operations for many years, first as a banking contact, then as a general manager and SVP, and finally as a member of the board.  He has guided general and financial decisions that have aided Bellatrix in staying profitable in ways not obvious to those less skilled in evaluating risk and direction. Rich uses his experience in evaluating other companies to guide the decisions and directions Bellatrix selects.

Tully Ellsberg – Secretary/Treasurer

Tully Ellsberg worked with her husband Tom Ellsberg to start-up Bellatrix Systems when they first moved to Bend, Oregon in 1986.

After marrying Tom in 1977, they lived in the Los Angeles area where Tom designed electronic security alarm systems for high end cars and vehicles. Together they started the Clifford car alarm company. Tully’s role in the company was to oversee general administration and manufacturing. She trained and hired assemblers, supervised scheduling for installers, and was Tom’s sounding board for making business decisions.

Tully was Tom’s life partner until his death in 2005.

She graduated from LIFE Bible College Los Angeles in 1985 with a BA in Theology. She is currently a certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and works at the Namaspa Yoga Studio in Bend.