IMPACT Newspaper Racks

Impact Newspaper Racks

Impact Newspaper Rack

Bellatrix developed and manufactured IMPACTTM, a premium, modern newspaper vending machine that integrated our innovative credit card and coin mech technologies. This newsrack was designed to look better, work better, and sell more newspapers. IMPACT was unique in the newspaper industry because it incorporated a marketing-savvy, billboard-type vinyl exterior that displayed messaging and a lectern profile for easy reading.

Innovative features include:

  • Customizable vinyl exterior ‘wraps’ that could carry the newspaper’s brand or display advertising messages.
  • Displays the newspaper at reading level on top of the rack to draw in customers.
  • Attractive box, which increases options for product placement.
  • Variations and models that distributed both tabloid and broadsheet publications.
  • Handled all domestic and most foreign coinage.
  • Card-TrakTM ready for credit card sales.


This product has been discontinued, limited spare parts for IMPACT are available here