Mechanical Coin Collection (Mechs)

Mechanical Coin Collection/Mechs

ST-710 mech

These products no longer available.

Bellatrix Systems specializes in mechanical coin collection mechanisms (mechs) and electromechanical technologies that require little power, but are sturdy enough to endure harsh outdoor conditions. Our mechs can be integrated into most devices that require payment through coin capture.

Bellatrix Systems is the long-standing market leader and technological innovator in mechs designed for accepting coins in newspaper vending racks and other vending machine-type devices. Bellatrix invented one of the first battery-powered electronic coin collection mechs for the newspaper industry in the late 1980s. We pioneered coin totalizing mechs  that accept any coin combination and are quick and easy to install and maintain in the field.

The Wizard product line  represents the next level of mech technology. These mechs, which use infrared (IR) light to measure the size of the coin, were designed to replace stacker-style and totalizer-style coin mechanisms.

The Bellatrix mechs carry the capability to report audit information to custom hand-held devices and then, in turn, to a Bellatrix-developed database and reporting system.  Bellatrix pioneered this technology to aid in sales and employee tracking.

ST-810 MechThese same mechs can be adapted for use wherever the customer needs a battery-powered coin acceptor, with or without audit capabilities. For example, these mechs also are used in automated dump stations for RVs.

We develop durable and efficient standalone mechanical devices and mechanical sub-assemblies for the newspaper, vending and other applications that require single-item distribution:

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