Aerosol Sprayers

Aerosol Sprayers technology

Aerosal sprayerBellatrix Systems manufactures intelligent, standalone, programmable, rugged aerosol sprayers appropriate for indoor and outside use at a reasonable price. This technology offers a unique remote-controlled release system, which regulates the amount and frequency of the application.

A popular agricultural device for high-value crops due to its accuracy and reasonable cost, this sprayer technology is suitable for many common aerosols, including:

  • Pheromones (for bug control)
  • Fragrances
  • Insecticides
  • Biologicals
  • Industrial Fumigants

These aerosol sprayer units can include the following features:

  • Built of weather and UV-resistant plastic, which reduces weight and cost per device.
  • Run on alkaline batteries and has an average lifespan of months in the field, allowing ‘set it and forget it’; reliability.
  • Incorporate Bellatrix’s patent-pending networking capability, which allows one unit to act as a master to several slave units or multiple-unit networking over a wide area. This facilitates rapid set-up and modification of many units at once, reducing the implementation time necessary for executing many sprayers or for adjusting coverage over large areas.
  • Substance cartridge replacement is made quick and easy, thanks to a patented locking mechanism integrated into the base of each sprayer unit.

Our aerosol sprayers can be used for agricultural and other applications.  Each unit is custom designed for your particular need.