Custom engineering & manufacturing experts

Bellatrix is an applied technology company offering contract engineering and manufacturing services for innovative electronic and electromechanical devices. We help solve your engineering and manufacturing challenges, and bring your products to market quickly and efficiently.

We provide expertise in a full range of disciplines, including:

Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Software Engineering Manufacturing & Logistics
FPO-electronics-engineering FPO-mech-engineering FPO_computer_science FPO-manuf

Bellatrix is unique in our ability to integrate these highly-technical disciplines along with innovations in technology  to provide the optimum engineering and manufacturing solution to fit your needs. Our team can advance your idea from concept to full production in a timely and cost-effective manner. We provide the engineers, resources, and equipment to design, test, and manufacture  your device from the ground up. We can also provide a single service or component – such as just design or manufacturing– to help you complete your bigger project.

Relying on our experience as an industry leader, Bellatrix follows a proven process to deliver your products and solutions. In addition to our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we also leverage years of success with trusted global partners to provide economies of scale, when your project calls for it.