Card-Trak™ Card Reader

Card-Trak™ Secure Card Reader & Payment Capture System

Card-Trak System

This product is only available for custom order.

Bellatrix Systems developed and manufactures an innovative, weather-hardened credit card reader and payment transfer technology (Card-Trak) that is used by the newspaper and other industries requiring battery powered, durable outdoor card-based payment capture mechanisms.

Our weather-resistant credit card reader systems feature:

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliancy for security, data integrity and privacy.
  • Industry-approved AES 128 bit-encryption and multiple layers of password protection to ensure ultra-secure storage of transaction data.
  • Proprietary infrared (IR) communications technology, which provides an extra layer of security by only allowing credit card transaction data to be retrieved via a secure custom PDA device.
  • Advanced proprietary software on the back-end for efficient and reliable round-trip transaction processing – from the reader to the appropriate merchant services company for payment and finally to the vendor’s bank account.

Card-Trak card reader technology offers the following advantages:

  • Accepts remote credit card transactions without incurring expensive on-line communication costs, including micro-transactions.
  • Reduces card processing fees to an industry low of $0.05 each plus 5% of the vending price, with typical monthly fees of $30.00 regardless of the number of vending units in service.
  • Offers low-energy, all-weather, self-contained card-reader hardware that operates continuously for years and is available in self-powered (Lithium battery-operated) or AC/DC-powered configurations.
  • Provides mounting to any flat surface by just two bolts, which allows for easy integration into new designs or retro-fitting onto existing units.
  • Uses rugged, customized PDA units for retrieving transactional data, keeping this data safe and secure.
  • The ability to set up the system to accept date-restricted “gift cards” specific to a particular vendor (example: a card that is good for one month).

Bellatrix offers low-cost, efficient card reader/swipe and payment data collection technology for industries that benefit from accepting credit card payments remotely, including the newspaper and vending machine industries.

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