• Sani-Star


    How to move an RV dump and fee collection system from traditional cabled power to remote, off-the-grid locations.

    An established company in the sanitation product business needed an economical way to expand their RV dump stations and fee collection systems to more remote locations, away from established hardwired power supplies. MORE >

  • Overnight Shipment Drop Off


    The Challenge:

    How to get customers comfortable using curb-side drop-boxes for overnight delivery.

    An international delivery company needed an effective way to notify customers if packages in their street-side drop-boxes had been picked up for the day. MORE >

  • Agricultural Aerosol Sprayer

    Aerosol sprayerThe Challenge:

    How to build a more cost-effective, durable and energy-efficient agricultural aerosol sprayer suitable for reliable deployment over large crop areas.

    For years, aerosol sprayers have been used to distribute pheromones and other chemicals for pest abatement in agricultural crops and orchards. These units were typically large and made of heavy plastic; thus heavy, expensive to maintain, and cost-prohibitive to deploy on a large scale. MORE >

  • USA Today

    The Challenge:


    How to change prices on a newspaper rack that only accepts three quarters.

    USA Today needed a new coin-acceptance mechanism that allowed them to easily implement price changes on their newspaper distribution racks. MORE >

  • National Softdrink Vending

    vending machine monitoring in-truck and remote comboThe Challenge:

    How to increase the efficiency of servicing remote vending machines.

    Inefficiencies in vending machine stocking, inventory and back-office integration led Bellatrix to develop a new system in partnership with a top-3 softdrink distributor. MORE >

  • Newspaper Industry

    The Challenge:

    RackGroupTo bring a locking and credit card payment system for news racks and other vending-type product distribution machines to the cellular age.

    Based on our history of technological innovations for the newspaper industry, we recognized the need to evolve the news rack distribution and payment acceptance process to meet the modern consumer’s needs. MORE >

  • Restaurant and Bar Industry

    CATS comboThe Challenge:

    How to provide secure tableside credit card processing in restaurants and bars that helps speed restaurant/bar workflow and reduce the potential for fraud.

    Bellatrix Systems recognized the need to safely and securely collect credit card payments at the table – where the card stays with the customer. This would require a portable payment acceptance method capable of interfacing with the restaurant’s existing POS system. MORE >