Our Development Process

Our Development Process

How We Work:

Bellatrix follows a proven development process to deliver your products and solutions.


  1. Our engineers work directly with you to analyze your needs and identify the challenge to be solved.
  2. From this analysis, we develop a concept and submit a proposal that includes a solution applying our technology disciplines, timelines, costs, and deliverables.

Prototype Design and Creation:

  1. Using advanced 3D laser prototyping technology for plastic components, state-of-the-art metal fabrication methods, and custom electronics and software, we create an Alpha prototype design of the proposed solution and submit it for your approval.
  2. After you review the prototype, we incorporate your input and make changes.
  3. Once the prototype is approved, we build a Beta version of the product for field testing. This Beta version is typically a small-run, hand-built version of your product. If required we can also develop testing/evaluation procedures for you.

Testing and Refinement:

  1. We turn you loose with the Beta version so you can examine it and subject it to internal testing or field trials as needed. We can deliver a non-operational prototype for concept evaluation, or we can deliver a fully-operational prototype for functional assessment.
  2. Based on testing results and your sign off, we make final modifications before the product tooling begins.

Tooling and Production:

  1. We complete product tooling for the necessary components, including electronics, plastic, and metal pieces. This tooling process is the bridge to mass production.
  2. After tooling is finalized, we complete the first run of products. This run can be limited to provide time for further evaluation.
  3. After your final approval, your product is ready for mass production.

NOTE: Some products never require more than a small run.