Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing & Logistics


Our Expertise:

Bellatrix has a successful history of manufacturing and delivering components and complex products that integrate electrical, electronic, mechanical, electromechanical, and computer technologies. We leverage domestic production, as well as years of success with offshore partners, to provide economies of scale and maximum flexibility in manufacturing options. Our successful experience in logistics translates into effective and efficient coordination for product delivery.

What We Offer:

Bellatrix provides contract manufacturing and delivery for products designed and engineered in-house or by outside resources. We specialize in the following disciplines (in any combination):


  • Electronics
  • Plastics
  • Metal

We provide the following manufacturing options:

  • Entirely in the US
  • Entirely off-shore in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan
  • A combination of offshore production with US-based final testing and quality control (QC)


  • Shipping, air freight, and ground transportation
  • Domestic and international transport
  • Certified hazardous material shipping (Lithium batteries)

Working Relationships:

Bellatrix maintains a modern manufacturing facility in Bend, Oregon, and we are committed to keeping our business local when possible, while offering clients the maximum economies of scale through our offshore partnerships when needed.

  • Bellatrix uses Oregon labor to manufacture circuit boards, metal punch and drill  (for metal fabrication), and plastics.
  • Nearly all products are assembled domestically.
  • We perform 100% testing and 30-100% of QC on our products in our Bend location.

We leverage years of success with trusted global partners to provide maximum flexibility in developing and manufacturing your custom product. To maintain these relationships and assess partner performance, key Bellatrix employees frequently travel overseas to meet face-to-face with our partners. The result is a quality manufacturing environment that is both stable and efficient, and which removes much of the potential risk often incurred by new ventures using offshore resources. By working with established overseas partners, you receive the cost benefits of offshore manufacturing while maintaining strict quality standards established in the U.S.