Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering


Our Expertise:

Bellatrix sets the standard for mechanical engineering of systems incorporating low-energy, weather-hardened products for outdoor use.

What We Offer:

Bellatrix provides contract mechanical engineering for mechanisms and mechanical assemblies that interface with other components or systems. We custom design, build and test devices that require little power, yet are sturdy enough to endure harsh outdoor conditions and the rigors of unattended consumer interactions. Bellatrix can design and manufacture the entire mechanical assembly or sub-assembly and its interfaces, or the complete product for delivery.

We design and manufacture using a variety of materials, including:

  • Metals
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminum
    • Cold-rolled steel
    • Punched steel
    • Laser-cut steel
  • Plastic materials, including those that are resistant to UV light and temperature damage.

Our team can handle the entire engineering process in-house by:

  • Generating designs using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software.
  • Using SLA 3D printers to generate models in plastic.
  • Hand-working the metal parts as required.
  • Combining plastic and metal components to make the working mechanical prototype.
  • Designing the tooling for production.
  • Designing testing methodology and process to assure the mechanism works under load before and during production.

Test Chamber

Our onsite, state-of-the-art test chambers validate product operation in specified humidity, temperature, and electrical extremes. We test products for temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Centigrade, and all humidity ranges. By verifying our products operate to our strict standards, we ensure optimal quality for our customers.

Sample Applications:

Among our other achievements in the field, we pioneered coin totalizing mechs that accept any coin combination, and are quick and easy to install into new or existing designs. Bellatrix mechs and mechanical assemblies are integrated in devices for applications as diverse as newspaper distribution racks, vending machines, courier services, sanitation collection locations, and agricultural aerosol sprayers.

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