Single Trak® System



SINGLE TRAKPlease note: The Single Trak System is no longer available.

The SINGLE TRAK system is a comprehensive electronic data acquisition and data management system for single-copy operations. All the following steps/components are required for the SINGLE TRAK system.


Manuals and Bulletins


SuperWand Drivers Manual


Superwand Troubleshooting


The Software

SC-2000S™ Data Management System Software
The Bellatrix Systems, Inc. SC-2000S Single-Copy Data Management software, sales and service activity report system is designed for small newspapers. Suitable for customers with a maximum of 155 outlets, racks and dealers.
Installed Price:$15,000*

SC-2000M™ Data Management System Software
The Bellatrix Systems, Inc. SC-2000M Single-Copy Data Management software, sales and service activity report system is designed for medium sized newspapers. Customers with more than 156 and less than 395 outlets, racks and dealers.
Installed price: $20,000*

SC-2000+™ Data Management System Software
The Bellatrix Systems, Inc. SC-2000+ Single-Copy Management software sales and service activity report system is designed for larger newspapers. Operating with more than 396 outlets, racks and dealers. Special collection software, and the advanced AUTODRAW™ software are supplied with SC-2000+.
Installed price: $35,000.00*

*All systems include management and operator training program.

SC-2000™ Data Management Software Options

Applications Price
Extra Editions $1,000.00 each
 Collection Reporting System:  $1,500.00 each
 AUTODRAW ® (Draw Forecasting) $2,500.00 each
 Windows NT upgrade  $9,000.00 each


The License and Service Schedule

All SINGLE TRAK system installations require the use of the SC-2000™ series of Data Management Software Programs proprietary to Bellatrix Systems, Inc. The software programs are configured to meet the needs of each customer at the time of installation. The Data Management Software Programs remain the property of Bellatrix Systems, Inc. and the customer benefits from the use of this software through the payment of an annual fee. The fee is calculated by determining the overall size of the system and the number of outlets, including newsracks and dealers, in service each year.

Operating System Size Annual License Annual Outlet Fees
1-155 outlets
$2,100.00 No additional outlet fees charged
156 to 395 outlets
$3,200.00 No additional outlet fees charged
396+ outlets
$4,500.00 Plus $1.00 per outlet over 396

SINGLE TRAK system Customer Support Service
24 hour technical service help-line at (800) 451-9753
New SC-2000™ Data Management Software releases
SC-2000™ Data Management Software updates as issued

SINGLE TRAK Service Schedule

SINGLE-TRAK System Customer Service Provided With Annual License or Maintenance Agreement (Pre-1996) *Without Annual License or Maintenance
I) Software Updates    
3-4 Updates annually No Charge $750.00 each
Y2K software No Charge $2,500.00 each
II) New Software:
Product Releases 30% Discount Retail price
III) System Upgrades:
Upgrade to SC-2000 M from SC-2000 S $5,000.00 $20,000.00
Upgrade to SC-2000+ from SC-2000 M $15,000.00 $35,000.00
AUTODRAW $2,000.00 $2,500.00
Location Code For Expansion $500.00 $800.00
Collection Reporting $1,200.00 $1,500.00
Extra Editions $750.00 $1,000.00
Windows NT Upgrade $7,500.00 $9,000.00
IV) Technical Service:
Technical support by contact No Charge $6.50 per minute
$75.00 minimum
On-location training $625.00 per day +Airfare $725.00 per day +Airfare
Factory Training $195.00 per person $299.00 per person
Custom Programming $120.00 per hour $175.00 per hour

*Non License or Non Agreement support during business hours only


The Hardware


BufferBlack1The go-between from wand to computer. It instantly loads the wands with price, time and edition information before delivery. An optional modem-equipped unit can transfer data from remote sites as needed, and it receives and stores SuperWand information from drivers upon completion of routes.

Standard DownLoad™ Buffer Box 2.0 $1,495.00
Modem-equipped DownLoad™ Buffer Box 2.0 $1,695.00
Trade In Allowance for Buffer 1.0 $500.00
Buffer Reprogramming Fee $100.00



SuperWand3NOTE: All superwands may be re-programmed to operate as standard, maintenance or collection wands. 

Standard Model for pricing and route management: $795.00 plus shipping
Maintenance model for rack and mechanism repair: $795.00 plus shipping
Collection model for cash collections: $795.00 plus shipping


The SINGLE TRAK system uses DATA WIZARDS installed in the newsracks to generate sales data and vend newspapers. SuperWands™ are used to acquire and transfer data in the system, to open newsracks and to set prices. DownLoad™ buffer boxes store the data and our SC-2000+™ software program allows you to manage your single-copy sales data.

  • Standard DATA WIZARD features include:
  • Optical data links for pricing and data acquisition
  • Slug detect (USA only)
  • Lithium battery with a six (6) year warranty
  • One (1) full year product warranty on the mechanism
  • LED diagnostics (CrossDetect series)
  • Auto reset button (CrossDetect series)
ST-110 Mech The ST-100 DATA WIZARD is designed to replace common “stacker-style” mechanisms used in many newsracks today. Installation is quick, easy and can be completed at the newsrack location. The ST-100 is used to provide data collection in support of the SINGLE TRAK system.

ST-211 Mech The ST-205 CrossDetect™ Series DATA WIZARD to be used with CARD-TRAK, replaces ‘totalizer-style” mechanical coin mechanisms. Installation is quick, easy and can be completed at the newsrack location. The ST-205 CrossDetect is supplied with a new self-adjusting door tongue for greater precision and improved operation of the newsrack. The ST-205 is used to provide data collection in support of the SINGLE TRAK system.

ST-501 & 511 Mech The ST-501 DATA WIZARD is a component of the IMPACT newsrack.


Bellatrix Factory Training in Bend, OR

Bellatrix Systems, Inc. will offer a comprehensive training and evaluation program for SINGLE-TRAK System customers. Key Topics:

  • Configuring the system
  • Interfacing with the SuperWands, Buffers, and the Computer
  • Managing the SC-2000 database
  • Special SC-2000 utilities
  • Downloading Information
  • Generating and managing reports
  • Managing forecasts with AUTODRAW
  • Mechanism installation & troubleshooting
  • Initializing and programming the SuperWands

The instructor may adjust the program according to group needs. Training arrangements are managed through Bellatrix Systems, Inc. Customer Service.

Bellatrix will offer factory training programs four times per year at our Bend facility. The training is offered to our SINGLE-TRAK System customers that are currently enrolled in either the Maintenance Agreement (pre-1996) or the Licensing Agreements. The attendees are responsible for their own expenses.