Cellular-based Payment Capture Technology

Bellatrix leads the way in high-tech payment options with the development of payment capture technologies utilizing cellular networks, smart phones, and our partnership with industry heavyweight Amazon.com.

Evolved as an extension of Bellatrix’s own Smart-Rak+ newspaper rack system, our revolutionary technology is adaptable for most vending applications and allows fast and inexpensive payment processing via smart phone devices through a combination of:

  • Quick Response (QR) codes – with encoded product data – that are read by the smart phone’s camera.
  • Specially-developed software (IOS and Android) which run on the smart phone that guide the buyer quickly and easily through the payment process.
  • Communication with Amazon’s API to process payments securely over the cellular network.

Bellatrix and Amazon have partnered to process transactions through our application interface, which handles transactions of all sizes down to micro-transactions of under a dollar. Once the buyer links to their account and clicks to buy, Amazon authorizes the purchase and sends a code to open the appropriate vending device to complete the transaction. The buyer simply holds the phone near the machine or rack, and the code unlocks the device so the purchased item can be collected.

This technology offers an efficient and cost-effective payment capture method that can be utilized with low-power or traditional wall-powered vending devices, locked enclosures or hotel rooms.

Because it’s so versatile and user-friendly, this technology can be applied to many products and industries – including vending machines, newspaper racks, and other remote access devices.

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