Service Indicators

Service Indicator Technology

service-indicatorbellatrix-Products-087TBellatrix develops and manufactures service indicator units that provide status to customers. These include both manual and programmable-automatic service indicators for integration into larger devices and systems:

  • Manual Service Indicator Units  for courier drop-boxes and vending machines:
    • Custom Indicator Unit with auto reset feature – This unit is triggered when the service door is manually opened. The status display resets to the correct position after a predetermined time.
  •  Programmable Service Indicator Units – These units indicate when an action has taken place, such as when packages have been picked up at remote drop-box. These low-power indicator units:
    • Run on durable Lithium batteries with a 3-year warranty, which require fewer maintenance visits and reduce operational costs.
    • Use Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology to transfer digital information from a hand-held scanner to the indicator unit. These indicators are programmed to move position to visually reflect a different status (for example, from the ‘Has Not’ to the ‘Has’ picked up status).
    • Can be purchased with a release function for a remote locking device. All functions are executed automatically, allowing the servicing personnel to make sure that the device resets to the correct position every time.

Our service indicator technology improves communication from the machine or drop-box to the customer and the company, which can increase customer satisfaction and improve company efficiency.