Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineering


Our Expertise:

Bellatrix specializes in designing and manufacturing battery-powered, weather-hardened components that run for years in extreme outdoor environments. Our electronics are integrated in systems used to acquire and transmit data, collect payments, control access, and distribute products. For example, Bellatrix is the leader in outdoor electronic mechanisms for newspaper vending racks, owning over 90% of this market in Canada and a large majority in the USA.

What We Offer:

Bellatrix provides contract electronics engineering for electronic and electromechanical products. We custom design, build, and test electronics and electrical components that are embedded in devices such as hand-held computers , control systems, payment capture devices, and security units.

Our capabilities include:

  • Digital and analog devices
  • Circuit board design and production
  • Embedded systems
  • Battery-powered components
  • Communications technologies
    • Radio frequency (RF)
    • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Wi-Fi
    • Spread-spectrum
    • Cellular
  • Infrared (IR)

We incorporate technology to protect all electronic components we design and manufacture.

  • Our printed circuit boards (PCBs) are conformally coated – the circuit boards themselves are surrounded by a layer of plastic, to provide protection from moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures.
  • We design and build our electronics to be protected against near strikes of lightning and the related energy surges.

This attention to detail ensures our PCBs will perform reliably in the harshest conditions.

Test Chamber

Test Chamber

Our state-of-the-art onsite test chambers validate product operation in specified humidity, temperature, and electrical extremes. We test products for temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Centigrade and all humidity ranges.  By verifying our products operate to our strict standards, we ensure optimal quality for our customers.

Sample Applications:

Bellatrix electronic and electrical components are integrated in many devices for applications as diverse as newspaper distribution, vending machines, delivery services, agricultural sprayers, and credit card readers:


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