Card-Trak Credit Card Reader

Card-TrakTM Card Reader System


Card-TrakCard-Trak™ is a secure, PCI compliant, stand-alone Credit Card System for processing micro-transactions. The Card-Trak™ System includes an all-weather Card-Trak™ magstripe reader, custom cables, PDA units and proprietary redemption software.


For Newspapers

Card-Trak™ System for Newspapers –**No longer available**

Card-Trak™is no longer available.


Warranty & Repairs

Warranty & Repairs


Bellatrix’s Standard Warranty


Maintenance and Repairs

We recommend servicing your Card-Track Readers every three years. That is the approximate service life of the battery, and continuous readhead wear over that time will eventually make the unit inoperable. Thus, we recommend replacing batteries and readheads at the same time.

We have developed a program to assist you with the upgrades. Please send your reader units to the address below:

Bellatrix Systems, Inc.
2437 NE Twin Knolls Dr.
Bend, OR. 97701
Attn: Card-Track Upgrade Service



Limited time opportunity