Card At Table

Card At Table Payment capture technology

CATSx5Bellatrix Systems developed a revolutionary, secure and affordable alternative ‘card at table’ technology for processing credit card transactions in restaurants and bars. The technology gives servers the ability to collect credit card payments at the table, while allowing customers to keep their cards in their sight. This tableside security decreases the opportunity for theft and fraud, which protects both customers and business owners.

This portable payment acquisition device has two components:

  • Payment capture unit – consists of a payment folio that contains the ticket and an attached magstripe card-reader for secure payment acquisition
  • Central docking station – uses infrared (IR) light to download transaction data, and connects to the restaurant’s existing point of sale system (POS) for final processing

Card at table technology is easy to use:

  1. First, the customer or the server swipes the card right at the table using the magstripe reader on the payment capture unit.
  2. Then the server takes the capture unit to the central POS location for downloading.
  3. The server touches the capture device to the dock, which reads and transfers the data.
  4. Transactions then display on the dock’s screen for review.
  5. The POS software accepts and processes the payment and prints out a customer ticket, as designed.

Bellatrix developed and manufactures the system’s hardware and associated data transfer software, and has partnered with TablePay of America to market and sell this technology nationwide.