Payment Capture

Payment Capture Technology

Bellatrix continues to develop an impressive and evolving array of payment capture technologies for integration with low-power, battery-operated electronic, and electromechanical systems and products:

  • We started with simple mechanical units (mechs) that accepted and measured coins, and then expanded to more complex electronic coin totalizers, which incorporate technologies such as infrared (IR) scanning to read coins as they are inserted.
  • Evolving with increasingly high-tech options, we advanced our capabilities to credit card payment capture systems that integrate mechanical, electronic, communications, software, and hardware technologies.
  • Our latest advances utilize cellular networks and smart-phone technology to allow users to tap into the vast opportunities of remote online payment capture.

Our credit card payment devices leverage both magnetic stripe card reader and smart phone technologies. We specialize in providing rugged, user-hardened solutions that operate on battery power alone.

We design the many physical components, software and interfaces necessary to integrate payment capture technology with larger accounting and inventory control systems. As an innovator in the field, Bellatrix continually engineers new integrations with payment merchants/vendors, and we have developed gateway interfaces to access a wide range of global merchant services, including:

  • (US)
  • PayPal (US & Canada)
  • Chase Card Services (US)
  • Payment Principals (US)
  • Eigen (Canada)
  • SecurePay (Australia)
  • Pay Station (New Zealand)

Bellatrix currently produces a variety of payment capture systems across diverse applications, including: newspaper racks, sanitation dump stations, vending machines, and restaurants.