Locking Mechanisms

Locking Mechanism Technology

Lock with IR in and outBellatrix continues to develop smart, low-power, electromechanical locking mechanisms used for secure systems and products. We integrate this technology into many products and across a variety of industries, such as courier delivery drop-boxes, vending machines and newsracks.

Our smart locks work by ‘talking’ to other devices/components – they have the ability to communicate with computers, hand-held devices, and our most recent technological breakthrough–smart phones for controlling access to secure systems and container/vending units

Bellatrix currently offers two basic locking technologies:


  • Lock opens to release the secure door when the control unit receives the appropriate signal or code from a control device (custom PDA, handheld device or cell-phone).
    • Can be coupled with special cables and/or wirelessly to our Automatic Indicator Units, and can simultaneously update the status as displayed on the indicator.
  • Designed to operate without a backup or secondary locking unit.
  • Battery powered with alkaline technology for years of operation.


  • Allows quick access to the door
  • Can also be used with designated Automatic Indicator Units.
  • Work with specific types of overnight courier drop-boxes and vending units.
  • Used in conjunction with a backup Simplex (push-button style) lock.

Our locking technologies are incorporated in many products and systems, and we can modify this technology to meet specific customer needs.