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Newspaper Vending Technology

Newspaper vending technologyThese products no longer available.

Bellatrix Systems is an industry leader in technologies for newspaper vending racks and related products. This ranks high among our core competencies, and we’ve continuously expanded our solutions to meet the newspaper industry’s growing challenges. Though designed for the newsrack market, these technologies can transfer easily to other vending-related applications.

Our evolution can be measured by our technological breakthroughs in newspaper vending products – from simple coin acceptance mechs to our revolutionary payment acceptance and control systems utilizing smart phones/cellular technologies.

In 1989, Bellatrix invented the first battery-powered electronic coin acceptor for newspaper racks. We pioneered coin totalizing mechs that accept any coin combination and are quick and easy to install at newsrack locations.

  • We also produced a complete, modern newspaper vending machine (IMPACT®) that integrates our credit card and coin mech technologies.. IMPACT was unique in the newspaper industry with the ability to apply exterior vinyl wraps on the box itself, to display newspaper branding and advertising messages.
  • Our Wizard  line represents the next level of our mech technology. These devices, which use infrared (IR) light to measure the size of the coin and were designed to replace stacker-style and totalizer-style coin mechanisms
  • The MAGIC System   revolutionized the way newsrack operators set edition pricing and service newsracks. MAGIC replaced conventional key switches with optical data links called ComLinks. Keys were replaced with a powerful ‘RouteWizard’ electronic wand that served double-duty – both opening the racks and setting new pricing (storing up to four (4) edition prices). Bellatrix developed the ‘PriceMaster’, a stationary programming unit, to re-program the RouteWizard prices.
  • SC2000 is a large and fast software database system that integrates and reports to newspaper back-end systems. It offers hardware stations that accept data transferred by smart hand-helds and creates reports on sales, stocking tickets based on history, and audit reports.
  • As credit card transactions became more common-place, we developed our Card-TrakTM system. This credit card reader and payment transfer technology features weather-hardened magstripe readers and internal technology that allows vending units to accept credit card micro-transactions without incurring expensive online communication costs.
  • Our most recent innovation – Smart-Rak+TM – is a newsrack system that allows fast and inexpensive payment processing via smart phones and cellular networks. We currently partner with Amazon to process these transactions, which can include micro-transactions of under a dollar. This technology offers an modern, efficient and cost-effective payment capture method that can be utilized with both closed or open newsracks.