Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Technology

Bellatrix is an innovator in remote monitoring technology whose purpose is to collect data from a variety of sources and share it with a central monitoring or control station. This technology integrates many engineering disciplines – including electronic, mechanical and software – to solve the challenge of information transfer between multiple devices and products. Much of this data is related to capturing payment transactions and managing inventory for industry applications, such as vending machines and newspaper racks, and it can be adapted to a variety of other applications.

To implement our remote monitoring technology, we devised many ways to collect and transfer data. For example:

  • In the vending machine industry, we used:
    • Sensors inside the machines to monitor internal functions
    • Computer software and hardware to capture and store data both in the machine and in the delivery trucks.
    • Wide-area network (WAN) and spread spectrum radio frequency technology to collect, store and transmit payment and inventory data from machines to trucks and from trucks back to the office.
  • In the newspaper industry, we use:

 In addition to developing the remote monitoring and collection technologies, we also develop highly-specialized back-end databases to store and analyze massive amounts of transactional data. By storing data in a central monitoring location, companies can better analyze and manage their inventories, improve efficiency and productivity of drivers and delivery staff, and analyze sales.

Our remote monitoring technologies are versatile and customizable, and they provide helpful solutions to data access and transfer challenges for various industries.